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Don’t struggle with nutrition problems by yourself. If you have a training program, you should also have a fueling program. Megan is dedicated to providing you with realistic lifestyle solutions. You’ll learn how to use food to fuel your body and optimize your health and performance.

Nutrition counselling appointments are available either in-person or over the phone. Ready to get started?

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About Megan

Megan completed her undergraduate degree at Western University with an honors specialization in nutrition and dietetics, graduating with distinction, before completing the London Health Sciences Centre dietetic internship.

An accomplished long-distance runner, Megan’s most recent accomplishments include 1st place female at the 2016 Mississauga Marathon, 3rd Canadian woman at the 2017 Ottawa Marathon, and 6th Canadian woman at the 2018 Canadian Marathon Championships.

Megan is actively involved in the Brantford and surrounding community. She is a popular speaker providing group talks and presentations on a variety of topics. Megan has acted as a nutrition expert in various magazines, including Runner’s World, Canadian Running Magazine, and Running Room. Megan is further committed to dispelling nutrition myths and supplying trustworthy advice to athletes through her weekly sports nutrition blog.

What is an RD?

In Canada, the designation “Registered Dietitian (RD)” is both regulated and protected. You cannot legally call yourself a Registered Dietitian unless you have completed both a four-year undergraduate degree that has been approved by the College of Dietitians and either an approved internship or Master’s program. After completing these requirements, you must register with the provincial college (i.e. College of Dietitians of Ontario if you’re working in Ontario) and complete a registration exam. On top of this, Registered Dietitians are required to participate in annual professional development. Registered Dietitians have the knowledge to translate scientific research into practical solutions. Because Registered Dietitians are a provincially regulated profession, it ensures that the advice and information they provide is sound.

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