Carbohydrate-Loading Plan

Carbohydrate-Loading Plan 2017-05-10T13:08:14+00:00
Day 1-

Carbohydrate Target: 545 grams

Breakfast 1 serving of apple-cinnamon steel cut oats
Snack Banana oatmeal muffin

Large banana

Lunch Cinnamon bagel

2 tbsp. jam

1 cup pineapple

1 cup strawberries

Snack 1 cup nonfat vanilla yogurt

1 cup raspberries

Dinner 1 serving of slow cooker enchilada bake
Snack Mango smoothie:

·      2 cups frozen mango

·      1 cups frozen raspberries

·      1 cup nonfat vanilla yogurt

·      1 cup skim milk

Please note that the above carbohydrate-loading plan is customized to my unique carbohydrate requirements. You may need more or less carbohydrates. The above plan also didn’t list all the food I consumed. While it hit my target for carbohydrate loading, I still felt hungry as my training is higher then it will be when I’m tapering. As a result, I needed more calories and added some more food to the above.