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Nutrition Counselling

Get professional nutrition help. Click on a package below for more detailed information.

Are you overwhelmed after being diagnosed with high blood cholesterol, celiac disease or another medical condition? Learn how to successfully manage and improve your health with evidenced-based nutrition strategies.

Find areas in your diet that may be influencing your health or performance and get practical suggestions for improvement. This consultation is especially helpful for those following restricted diets, such as vegans, or specific dietary guidelines, such as eating during pregnancy.  

Use nutritional strategies to bring your performance to the next level with optimal nutrition. Learn how to effectively use diet to enhance recovery and reduce injury risk and how to properly fuel for performance, such as race day nutrition and fluid plan.  

Want to lose weight, gain muscle or alter your body composition? Be guided over a 3-month period to reach your weight goal. This package is designed to help you safely manage your weight with long-term sustainable success.

This package is designed to improve dietary discomfort, such as bloating, gas, and abdominal pain due to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). You will be guided through a 6-week FODMAP elimination phase, and a 10-week re-introduction phase to determine individual tolerance levels to live pain and symptom free.  

Learn how to eat based on your genetics. Genetic differences affect how people respond to food, giving unique nutritional needs for each person. Genetic DNA testing involves a quick and simple saliva test to give a personalized report based on your unique genetic profile.

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Extended Health Insurance: Many extended health insurance plans offer coverage for dietitian services. Please check with your insurance company to see what coverage is available to you. At this time, we do not direct bill extended health insurance plans but will provide a detailed receipt to submit for benefit reimbursement purposes.

Payment: Payment in full is due at the first session. Acceptable payment methods include: cash, debit or credit card. Services are HST exempt.