Nutrition Counselling

Are you wondering if your food choices meet your nutrition requirements? Have you recently been diagnosed with a chronic disease and are overwhelmed by the nutrition advice? Do you want to bring your sports performance to a new level? If you answered yes to any of these questions then nutrition counselling is for you!

 Nutrition counselling provides personalized nutrition advice for a wide variety of goals such as:

  • Determining if your current food choices meet your unique nutritional needs
  • Nutrition strategies to manage chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, celiac disease, or irritable bowel syndrome
  • Prenatal nutrition and postnatal nutrition
  • Proper fuelling and re-fuelling techniques for optimal sports performance
  • Individualized race-day and in-sport fuelling and hydration strategies
  • Sustainable changes in body composition such as gaining muscle mass or body fat loss


  • $210: 1-hour initial nutrition assessment + 45-minute follow-up appointment
  • $90: additional 45-minute follow-up appointments

Personalized Meal Plans

Want a meal plan that will deliver results? Megan creates detailed  meal plans based on your individualized nutrition requirements, goals, food preferences and lifestyle. Each meal plan is unique and personalized.

Meal plans include:

  • An initial nutrition assessment to determine nutrition requirements
  • Follow-up appointments every two-weeks to monitor progress
  • Recipes, meals and snacks unique to your lifestyle, food and cooking preferences


  • $250: Initial nutrition assessment + two-week meal plan
  • $150: Follow-up two-week meal plans

Genetic DNA Testing

 Nutrigenomix is a revolutionary advancement in nutrition which involves eating based on your genetics. Genetic differences affect how people respond to food, giving unique nutritional needs for each person. Nutrigenomix involves a quick and simple saliva test to give a personalized report based on your unique genetic profile.

Two genetic DNA tests are currently being offered:

  1. 45 Gene-Health Test: Achieve optimal health and wellness by learning how your genes affect weight management and body composition, nutrient metabolism, cardio-metabolic health, food intolerances, eating habits and fitness and physical activity. Download a sample report here.
  2. 45 Gene-Sport Test: Unleash your genetic potential by learning how your genes can affect recovery, injury risk, motivation, metabolism, mental focus, eating habit, pain tolerance, aerobic capacity, food intolerance, body composition, nutrient requirement and exercise performance. Download a sample report here.

Genetic testing involves an initial appointment for saliva collection and test explanation and a follow-up appointment scheduled for 2-4 weeks later to explain genetic test report and nutritional recommendations.

Price: $450

Extended Health Insurance: Many extended health insurance plans offer coverage for dietitian services. Please check with your insurance company to see what coverage is available to you. At this time, we do not direct bill extended health insurance plans but will provide a detailed receipt to submit for benefit reimbursement purposes.

Payment: Payment in full is due at the first session. Acceptable payment methods include: cash, debit or credit card. Services are HST exempt.

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