Nutrition Counselling

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Whether you’re just getting started, a beginner or an elite level athlete, if you have a training program, you should also have a fueling program. Proper nutrition will not only help you perform at your best, but also prevent injury, promote recovery and improve overall health.

Get personalized nutrition advice to reach your athletic and health goals in the following areas:

  • Ensuring day-to-day eating meets unique nutritional requirements
  • What to eat before and after exercise to optimize performance and enhance recovery
  • Fuelling and hydration plans for during exercise such as tournaments or endurance events
  • Nutrition strategies to prepare for upcoming events
  • How to effectively and safely use supplements
  • Managing medical conditions such as nutritional deficiencies, chronic disease or gastrointestinal disorders
  • Achieving body composition goals

What to expect:

In advance of the first appointment, clients are asked to complete a food record and form outlining health information. This allows Megan to do a nutrition assessment and provide personalized nutrition recommendations and goals based on current research. These are outlined and discussed during the initial appointment. Megan provides resources, such as handouts and recipes, to support these recommendation. During follow-up appointments, progress is discussed with new goals and suggestions provided accordingly.


Two location options are offered for appointments:

  • In-person appointments are available at Essentials Physiotherapy at 97 Brant Avenue in Brantford
  • Remotely via phone-call


  • 1-hour initial appointment: $120
  • 45-minute follow-up appointment: $90

Services are HST exempt and due at the end of the counselling appointment. For those seeing Megan in person, methods of payment include cash, debit or credit card. For those seeing Megan remotely, payment is accepted via interact e-transfer.

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