About Me:

Hello! I’m Megan Kuikman. I’m a Registered Dietitian with specialized training in sports nutrition. My goal is to help athletes and active individuals achieve a healthy attitude towards health, training, and food. I empower athletes to fuel properly for training to optimize both health and performance.

My qualifications include:

  • Bachelor Degree in Dietetics and Nutrition (University of Western Ontario)
  • Master of Science in Human Health and Nutritional Sciences (University of Guelph)
  • London Health Sciences Centre Dietetic Internship
  • International Olympic Committee Sports Nutrition Diploma

When I’m not working with athletes, I’m doing research. I’m currently doing my PhD at Australian Catholic University. My doctoral thesis is focused on performance research for the female athlete. Female athletes are vastly underrepresented in sports nutrition research. However, research findings in males don’t necessarily apply to females. My research is aimed at addressing this gender gap. In addition to this, I will also continue research in the area of relative energy deficiency in sport (REDs) and disordered eating in sport. REDs occurs when calorie intake doesn’t cover the cost of calories expended through exercise. This can have negative outcomes on both health and performance. REDs, disordered eating and underfueling can occur in athletes of any sport, across any age, body size, culture, socioeconomic status, and athletic ability.

Through my virtual practice, I help athletes reach their full potential both physically and mentally. Want to find out more? Contact me using the form below.


See what I’m up to in the research world.

Low energy availability in athletes: Understanding underrating and its concerns


Female athlete representation and dietary control methods among studies assessing chronic carbohydrate approaches to support training


Fuelling the female athlete: Auditing her representation in studies of acute carbohydrate intake for exercise


Markers of low energy availability in overreached athletes: A systematic review and meta-analysis


A review of nonpharmacological strategies in treatment of RED-S


Examining the relationship between exercise dependence, disordered eating, and low energy availability


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